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Agua que Brilla (Water that Shines) is a pleasant resort to make your rest more entertaining and happy, with an amusement area away from the huts to ensure your relief and stillness.


Exclusive method for psycho-physical

Agua que Brilla (Water that shines) offers their guests an exclusive method for psycho-physical recovery during holidays, especially designed to make you feel well, unburden of your tensions, clear your mind and remove pains and fatigues caused by work stress and sedentary life, learning how to breathe the pure air of the mountains, afterwords relaxing in the middle of Nature, in front of the immensity of the heights and the singing of the birds.

• A 4,500 square meters park
• High mountains landscape
• Swimming pool
• Children's swimming pool
• Fence for protection
• Solarium facing the mountains
• Sun lounges
• Space for children playing
• Games lounge
• Ping-pong and metegol
• Table games and books
• Yoga and walks
• Barbecue saloon
• Barbecues with fumes outlet
• Mud oven
• Roofed parking
• Baby's appliances
• Drapery
• Phone messages
• Tourist information
• Daily cleaning
• Breakfast in the hut
• Free Wi-fi

• Little children protection
• Teenagers secure access
• Convenient to move away without car
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Intendente Vila y Maestro Cortés - (5889) Mina Clavero - Córdoba - Argentina
Reservations: +54
(03544) 15583940 - (03544) 15 550 021
Attention time: Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM

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