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The Traslasierra Valley offers such a variety of mountains and rivers that they are a challenge to the spirit of adventure and to the hunger for exploration for the ones who visit the zone. There is a great deal of outings for all ages and multiple options to satisfy the aspirations of all tourists.
The Valley possesses the highest mountains of Córdoba, as well as the greatest quantity and variety of aqueous resorces of the Province, which invariably run on sand beds. The Mina Clavero, Panaholma, Los Sauces, Nono, Niña Paula and Río Hondo rivers offer countless places to enjoy Nature and all the bathing resorts.
Right now, we mention only a few places out of all those that can be visited, and their approximate distances from Agua que Brilla, where it is always possible to find, as well as in the entire Valley, a different, unexplored, attractive and suggestive spot.


2 blocks away
The Residencia Serrana bathing resort
At the foot of the traditional Residencia Serrana Hotel, the river offers wide beaches full of trees, its stream running on sand beds, with many small cascades, ideal for children, for all the family and even for swimming. It shows many levels of water (many of them very shallow) having also life protections.

5 blocks away
Mina Clavero down-town
At night, Mina Clavero is a great night center in all the Traslasierra Valley. The San Martín Avenue is a pedestrian-precinct, and becomes an ideal place for adults and children meetings.
After a good supper in one of the many restaurants on this avenue, you may have joy in a pub or a disco or have a pleasant moment in a musical or cultural event. You may also visit the Bingo or the Casino.

The Mina Clavero Casino
The new building of the Casino was inaugurated during the 2007 Summer, in front of the river. Its premises comprises 2,000 square meters that rises on a 7,000 meter park. It is now the most important gambling house of the Province.
It has a room with roulettes, black jack and baccarat tables, gamblers' jukeboxes, a VIP saloon, restaurant, bar and a parking lot. The Casino opens daily and the gambling machines are open from 8 AM to 7 AM the following day.

8 blocks away
Nido de Águila (Eagle's Nest) bathing resort
This natural bathing resort of the Mina Clavero river is packed into huge granite walls (up to 8 meters high), worn out by the erosion of the wind and water. By this action, a natural pool was formed, reaching its depth, in some places, more than 15 meters. This is a special place for divers. The zone also offers beaches with small cascades and shallow places.

The municipal bathing resort
On the course of the Mina Clavero river, between Olmos and the Central bridges, there are great activities on the beach, where many young people gather. The beach is wide, with smooth sand, along which there are many barbecue stands, restaurants, bars and kiosks.
The main attraction of this resort is the Municipal Pool, which is placed in the very heart of the city, between the San Martín and Mitre avenues.

Los elefantes (The elephants) bathing resort
On the course of Los Sauces (The willows) river, we find Los Cajones (The Bins). where the stream runs packed-in, thus forming rapids and deep places (only for expert swimmers). At the end of Los Cajones, where the stream is wider, there is a rocky formation that resembles two elephants, which gives the name to the resort.

30 minutes by car
La toma (The take) bathing resort
5 Kilometers from Mina Clavero, on the river having the same name, on the way to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights). The granite slopes, proper of this place, is an invitation for playing, for children as well as for grown-ups. It offers good beaches and deep waters, having two parking lots, a restaurant and a tea house.

De los dioses (Of the gods) & Niña Paula bathing resort
On the Niña Paula creek, 12 kilometers away from Mina Clavero, on the way to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights). In this resort, we find many natural pools and water falls. Besides, those who like trekking may climb the hills and visit the Niña Paula Chapel. This is an ideal place for all the family to enjoy a whole day on a very fine and green prairie, near a beautiful creek.

Las Maravillas (The Marvels) bathing resort
It is a natural resort, on the Panaholma river, between a ravine and a 40 meter stone wall. It's like a great mirror reflecting the mountain that is near the banks. There are many small cascades that hurl the stream on the golden sands. It has a controlled parking lot.

El toro muerto (The dead bull) bathing resort & cascade
A large cascade that penetrates a wide extension of water, which is, in its deepest part, more than 6 meters deep. It is ideal for swimming and diving. The resort provides which is necessary for all regular needs, such as baths, supply of provisions and places to light a fire. It has a tariffed and controlled parking lot.

Paso de las tropas (Passing of the troops) bathing resort
In the middle of the mountain chain, on a wade near the Nono river. This gives the place an outstanding surrounding. It has many wells deep enough for bathing. Walking 600 meters up the river bank, one arrives at a big and deep basin. Surrounding the resort, there is a great variety of services.

La viña (The vineyard) dike
It is one of the biggest reservoirs of South America. Its wall is 107 meters high, ideal for pictures, due to the excellent landscape. It is a mirror of water with an extension of more than 1,000 hectares, where you can fish mackerel and practice aquatic sports.

60 minutes by car
On the road to the artisans and to the rally
This road is a unique opportunity to get in touch with two of the most valuable expressions of the cultural inheritance of Traslasierra: the black ceramics and the loom textiles. This circuit allows us to meet the potters and weavers of the mountains, who open the doors of their homes and shops, ready to show the secrets of a centenary profession that keeps alive such activities in all the town. The visit begins with Encuentro de Tejedores (Meeting the Weavers), in front of the Police Post, on the road to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights). Then, from the central square of Mina Clavero, one must go by the street Jorge R. Recalde and follow the indicating signs to the Camino de los Artesanos.
The rally in Traslasierra is a tradition. With the unforgettable Jorge Recalde, leader of the activity, the zone has many well known pilots. It is also the place of an international racing calendar. Many fans come to see each competition, which happen to be real feasts. In 2005. Mina Clavero was declared the Capital of the Rally.

On the road to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights)
It is one of the most direct and safest ways to arrive at Traslasierra. This road crosses the central mountain system, between the Sierras Grandes (Big Mountains Chain) and the Comechingones mountains. Besides, the road is, no doubt, the most beautiful door to the Valley.
You come from the city of Córdoba by route 20, which is the highway to Villa Carlos Paz. You then have two options: crossing Carlos Paz and Icho Cruz, until you arrive at the mountain, or taking the road to La Falda del Carmen / Alta Gracia, and on the rotary to La Falda del Carmen turn to the Observatory, following the signs. The route has the characteristic of a highway and it is in perfect conditions.
The highest spot of the road (2,000 meters on the sea level) is a place known as El Cóndor, where there is a building that used to be a hotel and today is the Museo de la Pampa de Achala. There, it is possible to get in touch with the old inhabitants of our Pampas and their habits. You may also get in touch with the flora and the fauna of the zone.

The source of the Mina Clavero river
It is about 30 kilometers away from Mina Clavero, on the way to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights). There's a water fall 102 meters high that can bee seen by only walking, among the mountains, 1,000 meters along the river. From a place called El Balcón (The Balcony) you can also see, down the river, la Quebrada del Nacimiento (The Ravine of the River's Source), which is the condor's habitat.

The National Park El Condorito (The little condor)
This is the only national park of the Province, which is placed at 60 kilometres from Mina Clavero. It was created with one purpose: to protect the beginning of the Achala's aqueous resources and the Andean condors' habitat, where they reproduce.
You arrive at the place La Pampilla (The Little Pampa), near El Cóndor, on the way to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights). This happens to be the most important natural reserve of the Province of Córdoba. It has a great variety of landscapes and, once there, you'll be able to sight the condors, because this is the natural refuge of the species.
From the natural lanes and balconies, one can appreciate the flight of the imposing condors guarding their nests, which they build in the huge mountain walls that fall on the Condorito river.

Los túneles (the tunnels)
It is an excursion that allows you to see five tunnels, that were carved in the mountain in 1930. It was an important road engineering work.
On this circuit, we may appreciate many natural beauties, such us the woods of Caranday palms, which were brought from the Province of Entre Ríos.
There is a cascade 180 meters high. This is a zone of dead volcanoes, plenty of marvelous beauties.

Cerro Champaquí (The Champaqui Hill)
To climb the Champaqui Hill may become a sublime and unforgettable experience. The intimate contact with the wilderness generates on the walker the birth of the most valuable human feelings: solidarity and tolerance, among others.
To avoid any risk during this excursion it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced guide.
The Champaqui Hill is one of the highest of the Province of Córdoba. It's about 2,800 meters on the sea level. To those who never did the excursion, it's a worthy and impressive spectacle that provides a great deal of emotion.

The museums

Museo Rocsen (The Rocsen Museum)
It proves to be a poly-phased show that includes many disciplines of science, arts and technology of more that 100 subjects. It is 5 kilometers away from Nono, and you can see there more than 11,000 pieces of archaeological,
anthropological and historical value. The visit to the museum is interesting and instructive. The place is open daily, all year round.

Museo Comechingón y Jardín de Cactus
(The Comechingon Museum and The Garden of Cactuses)
This a kind of philosophical essay that is constantly changing.
Inside it, the Comechingon culture, of which there are few remains, is asking us many questions about the past.
The Museum is surrounded by a garden where one can see a great variety of cactuses. The place is situated 3 kilometers away the rotary to the Altas Cumbres (High Heights)

Museo de Piedra Cruz del Sur (The Southern Cross Museum of Stone)
It is unique in the Traslasierra Valley.
It shows a vast collection of minerals of around 25 countries. It is a kind of a complex that has a park for children and a saloon called "Lucero del Alba" (The Dawn Bright Star), for recreation and inspiration.

Museo de las Campanas (The Museum of Bells)
It has more than 300 pieces from all the world and it is the only one in all the Americas devoted to such a symbolical object.
The Museum is part of the Fundación Campanas (Bells' Foundation) that works for a better quality of life for all human beings.
It can be visited daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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