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Within a park of 4,500 square meters, framed by the tallest heights of Córdoba, Agua que Brilla (Water that Shines) offers a set of modern and comfortable huts of two or three rooms, that can lodge up six people, in a safe and quiet place.

To achieve a good rest with spaciousness, comfort, and all the new equipment as for a perfect dwelling.
• Naked brick walls
• Wooden and tiled roofs
• Carob wood furniture
• Matrimonial bed rooms
• Children bed rooms
• Cradles for babies
• Wooden wardrobes
• Cable TV
• Cooker with oven

• Micro wave oven
• Big refrigerator
• Full crockery
• Safety box
• Hot water by gas
• Gas heating
• Ceiling fans
• Automatic electrical protector
• Private gardens

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Intendente Vila y Maestro Cortés - (5889) Mina Clavero - Córdoba - Argentina
Reservations: +54
(03544) 15583940 - (03544) 15 550 021
Attention time: Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM

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