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The Mina Clavero and the Valley of Traslasierra zones are well known for the abundance of water and for its profuse vege-tation, with many rivers having a large amount of bathing resorts on sand beaches and crystal waters.An inexhaustible fountain of strolls, excursions and activities suitable for all tastes.


• Longs walks
• Horseback riding
• Trekking
• Quadri cycling
• Cycling
• Jet-ski
• Parachuting
• Fishing
• Rowing
• Nautical activities
• Guided excursions
• Guided caravans
• Adventure tourism


In each hut, there is a complete folder
with directions, specially prepared for "Agua que Brilla" (Water that Shines) in order that you take the better advantage of your time. And in every moment, the personalized attention of the owners, who will always be willing to help you to have a nice stay.

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Intendente Vila y Maestro Cortés - (5889) Mina Clavero - Córdoba - Argentina
Reservations: +54
(03544) 15583940 - (03544) 15 550 021
Attention time: Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM

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