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Agua que Brilla (Water that Shines) offers the outstanding advantage of its location.
It is situated on a residential zone at the feet of the mountains, having a panoramic view of the tallest heights of Córdoba, and enjoying all its purity and its silence.


And only at five blocks from the center and at
just two blocks from the best bathing resort
on the Mina Clavero river.

  Amphitheater     Bus Terminal        
Police Church
Hospital Nation Bank
Turism Office Post Oficce
Club Juv. Unida Casino
Province Bank Bingo
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Intendente Vila y Maestro Cortés - (5889) Mina Clavero - Córdoba - Argentina
Reservations: +54
(03544) 15583940 - (03544) 15 550 021
Attention time: Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM

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