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At 950 meters above sea level, within the overflowing nature that the Valle de Traslasierra behind the mountains offers.
In the very heart of Mina Clavero, Name derived from a comechingon Indian voice Milac Navira, who was his first chief and which in Spanish means Agua que Brilla (Water that Shines), on account of that river that glitters when touched by the sun, because of the tiny particles of mica that it contains.
Imposing mountains, crystal waters, green surroundings, and an exclusive micro climate of great stability, with sunny days and fresh comfortable nights.
And in Agua que Brilla (Water that Shines) you wake up with the silence of the mountains, the scent of the grass and the sweet melody of wild birds, just to enjoy the pleasures of the river, the swimming pool or a variety of activities..

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Intendente Vila y Maestro Cortés - (5889) Mina Clavero - Córdoba - Argentina
Reservations: +54
(03544) 15583940 - (03544) 15 550 021
Attention time: Monday through Sunday 9 AM to 10 PM

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